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My Dinner with Ovitz    

My Dinner With Ovitz: a parody on the Vanity Fair interview with Michael Ovitz

My Dinner with Ovitz.com

Produced by: Denise David   MakeMagic Productions

Director-Writer: Steve Young

Editor: Brian S. Hanish

David Geffen - David Goodman
Barry Diller - Jake Austin
Ron Meyer - Barry Shay
Michael Eisner - Gregory Daniels
Michael Ovitz - Kerry Burns
Steven Seagal - Colin Patrick Lynch
Joe Eszterhas - Dave DiPino

See the movie "My Dinner With Ovitz" online now at Google Video and YouTube.



Los Angeles Times: Story on the 12 min. short film.

LA Weekly: OCTOBER 18 - 25, 2002
Deadline Hollywood
A Hit for Ovitz
Spoof video takes on THE fallen Disney prez
by Nikki Finke

My Dinner With Ovitz
Variety Review: Posted: Tue., Oct. 22, 2002, 4:04pm PT


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